Type K Passive Loudspeakers


Production: 1964 - 1966


The Loudspeaker Type K offered hi-fidelity sound reproduction as a result of revolutionary pressurised construction methods. It was Bang & Olufsen’s largest loudspeaker of the time.

The technology based around the design of the Beovox 5000 was made possible through developments of the Type K loudspeaker.

The cabinet of this particular speaker was based on revolutionary new pressurised construction methods. Within its large frame was one woofer, one midrange and one tweeter speaker. It was also possible to connect a Rondstraler tweeter speaker in order to increase the treble pitch.

Type K Passive Loudspeakers technical specifications

Transitional Frequency: 700 - 4000 c/s 
Height: 77,4cm, width: 45cm, depth: 37,4cm 
Membrane - 28cm, 10cm, 5cm 
Oscillator Coil: 3,5cm, 2,5cm, 1,27cm 
Frequency Range: 30 - 20,000 c/s; 45 - 16,000 +/-3 dB 
Resonance of the cabinet: 60 c/s 
Power Capacity: 18 W constant, 25 W peak 
It is a rockwool-lined enclosure, without peak resonance and with special pressurisation 
Impedance: 3.5 - 5 ohms 
Weight: 23kg 

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