BeoCord 1500

BeoCord Compact cassette

Production: 1979 - 01/1981

Documents: Service Manual

Beocord 1500 was a stereo cassette deck incorporating the Dolby B Noise reduction circuitry. Complementary to the Beosystem 1900 it was ideally placed within the market to offer quality performance at an economical price.  Visually, it was the two VU meters which stood out, as well as its black and aluminum finish together that of the real wood veneer which was available in a variety of finishes. A 3-digit tape counter helped you find your chosen track. Super Permalloy was again selected for the quality tape head.

BeoCord 1500 technical specifications

Types: 2642 (1979 - Jan 1981) 
GB 2645 (1979 - Dec 1980) 

Compact cassette C60-C90 
Wow and flutter, DIN < +/- 0.2% 
Speed deviation < +/- 1% 
Fast forward and rewind 90 sec 
Frequency range, DIN 30 - 12,500 Hz 
Signal-to-noise ratio, DIN Chrom > 56 dB 
With Dolby Chrom > 64 dB 

Power supply 
2642 220V 
2645 240V 
Power consumption: 25 W 

Dimensions W x H x D: 40 x 8 x 25cm 
Weight: 5 kg 

Connections: AUX 
Microphone 0.175 mV / 2.2 kohms

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