Cabinet MC20

Miscellaneous Furniture



The MC20, MC30 and MC40 storage units were manufactured by Bang & Olufsen to accommodate separate audio components.  By doing so, it produced an easier to use, more integrated music centre by allowing them to ‘come together’ as individual pieces of furniture.

Constructed to a high standard - as was usual for Bang & Olufsen products - natural wood veneers and easy-wipe laquers were used both on the outside and inside to allow them to complement a wide choice of home décors.

Sufficient space within permitted music systems to be accomodated as well as much-needed music media such as records and cassettes. Sometimes space was even built in built in for storage of headphones and record cleaning kits. These often slid away from the shell of the cabinet to allow easy access and to be kept hidden away, out of sight.

Ease of use and clever design was used in hiding the majority of cables to be hidden away in special cable conduits.


Cabinet MC20 technical specifications

Dimensions: 63 x 86 x 40,5cm

Available in Black or White laquer

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